Is Post Cycle Therapy Needed After Anavar?

The use of anabolic steroids in sports is indisputable. Unfortunately, research is rare and limited by medical ethics, which is why some “offenders” confuse their knowledge with empiricism. However, one thing is for sure, those who use anabolic steroids should make a good TPC. Post-cyclic therapy (TPP), as its name implies, is one or more actions that result from changing […]

How to use Oxandrolone correctly

Profile of oxandrolone steroids Anabolic effect: 400% testosteroneAndrogenic activity: 20% testosteroneAromatase (conversion to estrogen): NoneHepatotoxicity (hepatotoxicity): mild (moderate)Dosage: oral form (inside), i. pillsDuration of the drug: 8-12 hoursDetection time: up to 45 days Effects of taking oxandrolone The main effects of oxandrolone are to relieve and increase muscle strength. fat burning Increases strength Increases HGH levels Anavar “SOLO” is not […]

Results of using Oxandrolone and its advantages over other steroids

What are the benefits of oxandrolone steroids? The use of oxandrolone in bodybuilding has become very popular due to properties such as:Significant increase in athlete’s muscular strength and endurance. Increases muscle elasticity and strength, providing relief. Oxandrolone is very effective in relieving.“Oxanal” also has a pronounced fat burning effect and therefore oxandrolone is not the worst option for weight loss. […]