What are the benefits of oxandrolone steroids?

The use of oxandrolone in bodybuilding has become very popular due to properties such as:
Significant increase in athlete’s muscular strength and endurance.

Increases muscle elasticity and strength, providing relief. Oxandrolone is very effective in relieving.
“Oxanal” also has a pronounced fat burning effect and therefore oxandrolone is not the worst option for weight loss.

Absence of aromatisation, which precludes the development of gynecomastia and other secondary sexual characteristics.

Quite low androgenicity and high anabolic index. The anabolic index is the ratio of anabolic activity (the process of protein production and muscle building) in women to androgenic activity (an unpleasant process that causes secondary sexual characteristics such as “male breasts” or excessive hair growth). ). Here, the ratio is about 400% for testosterone anabolic activity and 20-25% for androgenic activity. The higher this index, the better for the athlete.

Low hepatotoxicity. The use of “ox” does not suppress the endocrine system. Increased production of somatotropic hormone (growth hormone – somatotropin). Oxandrolone is beneficial for women because it does not cause unpleasant consequences for women, such as baldness or increased hair growth. And for bodybuilding girls, this is an important point, because rarely is a more or less adequate lady willing to replace her beauty with a bunch of muscles, even if it is very pleasant and relaxing.

It is used to build lean muscles and burn excess fat, and to provide beautiful muscle relief.

What are the benefits of oxandrolone steroids?

Side effects of the drug

The side effects of this ASA are not that great, but they are still present, especially at high doses, as with all other medicines. They focus mainly on reproductive function and libido. Possible negative phenomena include:

  • Reduction of self – testosterone production.
  • Testicular atrophy.
  • Decreased libido.
  • Weak erection
  • Hepatotoxicity. Although it is quite low, it also has a negative effect on the liver.
  • Bonavar and Vasorome
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It is not true that all these horrors will happen to you, but there is such a danger. Therefore, think carefully before using chemicals. If you already have liver or genital problems, it is best to stop taking your medication and anabolic steroids just before taking Oxana. Under no circumstances exceed the dose or violate the instructions, you will probably be surrounded by all these “Egyptian shells”.

How do you feel before and after taking Anavar?

Alexandralon’s activities:

  • Build healthy and dry muscles.
  • Higher performance.
  • An effective fat burner.
  • Increased growth hormone – somatotropin synthesis.

If there are possible pressure problems while taking other steroids, oxandrolone treatment will keep your blood pressure within normal limits, even at high doses. Oxandrolone has many advantages over other drugs:
The drug has a relatively low androgenic activity and four times the anabolic properties of testosterone.
The instrument is an ideal tool for athletes, marathoners, jumpers and athletes who want to develop endurance, speed and strength.

This steroid is mildly toxic to the liver. However, it should be taken with hepatoprotectants during the course.

How do you feel before and after taking Anavar?

Oxandrolone – results of application

Real oxandrolone, a medical material, is not cheap. This can damage the liver and other organs. So is it worth it? Oxandrolone users identify three main areas where they see the most important benefits:
Muscle growth: that’s a fact. Oxandrolone is specially formulated to prevent muscle breakdown and help the body gain more weight. The main reason people take Oxandrolone is to see big muscle.
Drying – Oxandrolone is also popular during the drying period, as it is thought to increase in size at lower doses without bulking or swelling.

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Fat Loss: Continuing from the previous point, another reason why oxandrolone is taken during the drying period is its ability to promote fat loss. In the study of this medicine, older men lost weight and did not gain weight after taking oxandrolone.

Oxandrolone - results of application